Monday, October 9

Let's Talk

This service is open to all UMM students. Let's Talk is the best fit for the following people: students who are not sure about counseling and wonder what...

Coming Out Week Gayme Night

This game night and social will kick off MoQSIE's Coming Out Week. There will be food to eat, games to play, and people to meet!

Interviewing Skills Workshop

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: How to prepare for the interview How to develop confidence for the interview The most critical interviewing mistakes of entry-level...

Asking the Big Questions

Come explore the escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States at the first Asking the Big Questions discussion of the year. Professor of...

Film Showing: More Than a Word

CNIA is putting on a showing of the film "More Than a Word" which is a film that analyzes and addresses the culture appropriation surrounding life as an...


Some of you may know it as soccer, but the UMM men's soccer team is taking on the local team from Riverview in Big Cat Stadium.

Monday, October 9